Grandly Seduced in a Cove (or six)

P1040450If you are planning a trip to Newfoundland or have been, or live here, I recommend you watch the move The Grand Seduction. Read the description to make sure you get the right one with Gordon Pinsent, Taylor Kitch and Brendan Gleason as the actors.

I won’t be held responsible for any other movies of the same name…

An English remake of a French Canadian Film, The Grand Seduction also starred a number of small bays, coves and communities on the Bonavista Peninsula and our iceberg search also become a treasure hunt for movie locations we remembered from the film.

This post is a combination of photos from two day trips, one in June, the second on July 10 and written on another trip, a three day stay in August.

In July we drove directly to Bonavista on the route that goes straight up the peninsula. From the Cape we could see icebergs at a distance.

A word of caution. If you ask a local where something at a distance might be better seen, always get a second opinion. Our kind soul suggested they were in Carmenville.

Hmmmm. Highly unlikely but we thanked him very much.


I knew  in June from Newfoundland Iceberg Reports that there were icebergs reported near Kings Cove so we started down the coves route towards home. As soon as we hit the Coves, we started seeing icebergs on both of our trips.

Red Cliff, Bonavista Bay, NL


Red Cliff had them around the fishing stages that were used in the Grand Seduction movie.

Tickle Cove had icebergs that had recently calved  or foundered in July, teasing us because we hadn’t seen them in their previous form.


A couple of scenes from the Grand Seduction were shot here. The wonderful cricket match and the successful fishing trip. Really, rent the movie. It’s a fun evening in.

A great scene with Gordon Pinsent in a wet suit was shot near the arch out on that point in Tickle Cove, NL

We were seeing icebergs in almost every cove we visited.

Stock Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL, July 2016


Knight’s Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL July 2016

Keels had them right at the community sign so you knew you were in the right spot! On both trips!

I needed a zoom to get the iceberg on June 19, 2016


From the Keels sign, June 19, 2016


No zoom needed 3 weeks later, Keels, Bonavista Bay July 10, 2016

In Keels we saw signs for Clayton’s Chip Truck, something we hadn’t seen on previous visits so we stopped and checked it out on our June trip. We had a great visit with him and found out I had taught his niece in Gander. He recommended a cold plate for supper and as were were driving up to coast (we did the coast on the way to Bonavista in June and the opposite in July) a friend messaged and asked where we were. He was disappointed that we’d left Keels already because he would have had me pick up cold plates from his friend Clayton Hobbs!


We stopped on the wharf and enjoyed our supper with some cold drinks from the cooler and watched the seagulls and a loon.

Keels provided ice from the same wharf in July.

Keels, July 10, 2016
Keels, July 10, 2016

Duntara was stunning in June.

Duntara was stunning in July!


In July there was an iceberg visible from Plate Cove East too.


In July, we left Gander and went up highway 320 to Bonavista and worked our way back, in June we did the coves first, route 325 and came down 320. Both trips were great but too rushed  as a round trip in one day out of Gander.

This has nothing to do with my need to stop to talk to everyone and take pictures. It’s just a lot of kilometers…..


In July, over dessert at Round Da Bay Inn we decided to book 3 nights in August for a better tour of the area.

And more chocolate cakes by Karen.

Chocolate Cake at Round Da Bay Inn, Plate Cove West, NL

If you’re looking for me. I’m on my third trip Round Da Bay and blogging and editing from the king sized bed in the Captain’s Quarters. Ahoy!










9 thoughts on “Grandly Seduced in a Cove (or six)

  1. Learned a lot from this particular post, I never knew about the site of The Grand Seduction film shoot location. Loved all the photos especially the old shop and of course that chocolate cake!! Happy adventures!


    1. So much to do in Newfoundland. There were other sites used too on that Peninsula and another movie, Maude was shot there. Not yet released. I aim to inform! Thanks for commenting.


  2. Beautiful post! We live in Lethbridge at the bottom of the peninsula right on Route 230 (honest it is 230!) and we tell visitors that to do the peninsula right it could take 5 days! Puffins in Elliston, Historic Trinity, Random Passage movie site, Bonavista, the Coaker premises in Port Union… The list goes on and on! Thank you for your post! Every new visitor means our communities will stay alive for another while!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was born in King’s Cove! I loved the movie The Grand Seduction! i am now living in AB and I loved the pictures of home!!! I have also stayed at Round Da Bay Inn. They are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Perfect timing! We leave on our trip to NL next Friday and are sure looking forward to our visit there. In preparation, we just watched the Grand Seduction, so recognize some of the buildings and scenery in your photos.

    Thanks again for your terrific blogs – totally enjoy all of them!

    PS Just in case anyone else is wondering were to find the Grand Seduction movie. We had a terrible time finding it anywhere. Finally ordered it off of Amazon where it was very reasonably priced (about $7 with shipping).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Perfect timing! We actually just watched the Grand Seduction last week, so recognised several of the buildings and some of the scenery in your photos. It was a fun little movie to watch. Very entertaining with lovely scenery.

    Looking forward to our own trip, and in seeing some of those very sites in person. We leave in 5 days. Can’t wait!

    Once again, have totally enjoyed all of your blogs. Keep up the good work!

    PS we had a devil of a time trying to find the Grand Seduction movie anywhere locally. Finally ordered it off of Amazon for a very reasonable price (about $7 including shipping).

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great summary of what I enjoyed all summer. I noted the corner of our summer place in Duntara. In one of your photos. We had the iceberg on our doorstep for weeks. It was quite the summer, then again, it always is.


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