Live in Lewisporte

Lewisporte is typical of many ferry towns in that the businesses and town built up down one main road. When driving into town visitors see a variety of old and newly constructed homes and it’s hard to miss the beautiful water views.

New businesses seem limited to more fast food places over the twenty plus years I’ve been visiting but the growth in the marina and the number and size of some houses give the impression that the economy in the area is fairing well. I’m sure many of the jobs fueling the community are ‘turn around’ jobs with a worker spending weeks or months alternately working away and then being home with family and friends.

Newfoundlanders have been doing this for years, whether on the Labrador fisheries or the lumber woods. Turn around, father (usually) away, is not a new thing here. The difference is there are often better incomes now compared to barely managing in the past.

The Lewisporte Marina is big and well established. Actually, I realized in researching for this post that it is a yacht club.  Pleasure crafts in various styles fill the docks in the summer.

An easy drive from Gander, Lewisporte is a frequent day trip but we’ve found a great excuse recently to spend a little more time (and money) on weekends for getaways and date nights. This was both so we booked again at the Islands Villa and by chance ended up with The Fogo Suite.

We checked in and had time for dinner at the local Li’s Restaurant, another favorite for the Citadel night trips.

A quick stop at the room to drop off the left over food and we were ready to go out.

On the main drag, right across the road from the ferry terminal is a wonderful concert hall called The Citadel House.

The Citadel House promotes itself as the place that music comes to be heard and the patrons who frequent their concerts are there to listen. The small, intimate space creates an environment perfect for listening and appreciating the intricacies of music and musicians. Own and ran by husband and wife Dean and Stevie Stairs this is a family business with their children stationed to help with taking admission, seating, merchandise sales, refreshments and even decorations.


Sherman Downey and Matthew Byrne are doing their second tour together and the concert was sold out. Many in the crowd had drive almost an hour from Gander to see the show and a number were there for the first time.

Sherman Downey

Downey is from the Codroy Valley area of the West coast of Newfoundland and he and Byrne have a great banter and set list that keeps the audience engaged and enjoying. They have an Ernie and Bert routine that once introduced, plays on and off during the evening.


Byrne is from Placentia Bay and speaks often of his mother and grandmother as singers and collectors of songs. His father and uncle are also noted folk singers so the music flows through generations.

This was a great evening and an added bonus was hearing resident musician Sam Stairs join in for Five Fingers. In addition to the concert series, the Citadel House has started an Open Stage for the Under Aged set featuring local child performers.


Somehow, this post sat in the draft box. A neighbour just won a night at the Islands Villa and reminded me to finish. Enjoy your anniversary Irene.






One thought on “Live in Lewisporte

  1. The Marina is the largest in Atlantic Canada. There is a yacht club there as well. I was wondering how I didn’t know about this show and now see that I was in attendance!


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