Bergy Bits and Bights: Staycation 2020

P1270119Altlhough a lack of routine makes it it feel like we should be into summer, the reality is that we’re still not up to the end of the school calendar and normally, one or both of us would be working to the end of June.After a few day trips and drives we finally felt comfortable to go a bit further from Gander and spend a few days chasing icebergs on the Great Northern Peninsula.From Gander, with very few stops, it’s about a 9 hour drive. We packed a cooler for lunches as we were unsure of what might be open along the way. It had been 7 years since we made this trip and usually we went later in the year. We left on Saturday, June 13 and took our time as we’d had an early start, on the road by 8 am.The weather went from sunny to cloud and light rain, fog and then clear for most of the day. A typical June day.We arrived in St. Anthony Bight around 6 p.m. and as predicted by Yvonne Pilgrim, had no trouble finding Yvonne Cottages. Our one bedroom unit was gorgeous and well appointed.I’d inquired at booking and knew we had a mini fridge, BBQ, coffee pot, microwave and toaster. There were dishes and utensils and a nice table to dine in or chairs on the deck to eat outside.We had a visit with Yvonne’s husband Keith and he told us there was an iceberg in St. Carols.A quick unload of the car, some cheese and crackers and we were off again.We also made a run out to Goose Cove but the light was going and we missed to large tabular bergs until the next day.Settled back for the night we did a big BBQ with intentions for left overs for snacks and lunches between checking out local restaurants.This is not our first adventure on the road. Potatoes had been prepped and foil wrapped for BBQ reheating and we brought prepped salad and bbq supplies.Bagels, bread rolls and boiled eggs were quick and easy for any meal or snack.This sat in drafts for a year. Summary. 18 icebergs, 13 moose, 3 nights in St. Anthony Bight. Diane approved.

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