Wilds Women


We’ve found our tribe.

That seemed to be the theme this weekend as a group of about forty women gathered at The Wilds Resort on the Salmonear Line.

Body, Mind and Spirit Retreats have been the brainchild and work of Lucy O’Driscoll for over a dozen years. Twice annually, and sometimes more often, she organizes facilitators and venues and welcomes participants from all over to join in a weekend of self-awareness.

Workshops begin on Friday evening after supper (provided in the registration fee) and run until the closing after lunch on Sunday. As one participant said in the beginning, the worst thing that can happen is I say in a hotel room and someone cooks for me all weekend. It gets even better than that as the weekend goes on.

Started at church camps and Max Simm’s Lions Club Camp, the Retreat is now being held at the golf resort after a couple of years of alternating with church camps. The resort is a bit more cozy and my first stay there left me very impressed with not only the place but with every staff member I met. Folks are happy to be working at The Wilds and do a very good job of making guests feel welcome in all areas.



I travelled to the retreat with some Gander friends and there were participants from all over the island and even a couple who flew in from elsewhere. There seemed to be a sisters theme with at least three pairs of sisters participating and also the great sister act of Cara and Edwina who helped their sibling Lucy to organize all details of the event.

This Mind, Body and Spirit Retreat fell not only on the full moon but also on Earth Day. We were fortunate to have three women who practice the way of the Shaman lead us in an amazing ceremony that celebrated the moon and the women in our circle. Alison Normore, Regina Wright and Carolyn created an experience that can’t be put into words. No sense in my trying.

I was not feeling well on the weekend but did attend my first workshop with Gary Summers. One of two he offered over the weekend, this session dealt with Conscious Awareness and while we were interactive and chatting he kept the focus of the group and delivered a very meaningful presentation. A number of participants had worked with Gary in group or one on one sessions.

The increase in volume and laughter following the afternoon sessions proved things we moving along as planned and by the time we had out delicious turkey dinner folks were table hopping to compare experiences and share discoveries. There was also a fair amount of raving about the meal and desserts too.

The keynote speaker on Saturday night was Brent Beshara.

Brent’s event was high energy and thought provoking. He doesn’t challenge your own ideas but presents his and often says “try it on” meaning be open to it and see if it “fits”. He can be seen here https://youtu.be/ad-_ThU3y4U as an opening speaker for Wayne Dyer in a more formal setting.

A third session was held Sunday morning between breakfast buffet and soup and sandwich lunch and a closing circle after lunch gave us all a chance to gather one last time. A closing featuring Regina playing her crystal bowls was moving and energizing.

Respecting the privacy of the group this shows the clusters of friends, new and old school, sharing contact information, hugs, laughter and tears.

I would have loved to attend my other workshops but got progressively sicker with a flu as Saturday went on and was grateful for my carpool buddies who brought me home safely. I’m already looking forward to the retreat in the fall with another group of Wilds Women.




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