View from the Crow’s Nest

This pup waits patiently for guests to throw his tennis balls so he can promptly and proudly rush them back to you at the Crow’s Nest in Crow Head.

Sometimes by the time we get to the Twillingate area an iceberg will have re-positioned itself to some unachievable location. Other times, I’m just using checking for icebergs and an excuse to drive over an hour to get a great coffee at the Crow’s Nest.

Today I needed a coffee.

I already knew that the only icebergs around are in the Elliston area and have been since January 19. My Newfoundland Iceberg Reports Facebook members have kept me in photos and reports for months now on the 3 bergs that seem to have taken up residency in the Bonavista area. I did double check the Environment Canada iceberg charts to make sure I wasn’t missing any bergs elsewhere and we picked Twillingate as our Sunday drive destination.

The first stop and only stop for some, is the Long Point Lighthouse. Not only was there no icebergs, there was also no Arctic ice as far as they eye and camera could see. It’s always windy here but was a relatively beautiful and calm day.


It was unusual too that no one else was at the look out but with crab boats out and folks working in the plant, there weren’t many people with free time.

It’s difficult to take pictures at the lookout that actually do justice to the height of the cliffs and the distance you can see. I took a few shots toward the water and got a seagull for scale.


Once sufficiently frozen at the lighthouse, one has no choice but to stop at the Crow’s Nest Café for a pee and a treat. Usually in that order.

The Crow’s Nest is always busy in the summer but has also done a great job of keeping winter hours around an extended weekend and building up a loyal local clientel of all ages. We often stop for a bowl of chili or soup and a coffee but today it was treats that caught our attention.

Besides great coffees, Kate makes amazing homemade desserts. Her chocolate chip cookies are hits with the little kids and the more mature tastes go for the squares and cheesecakes.

The space is compact but works beautifully. People move over and offer space when it’s crowded and conversation ensues.

Newfoundland and Twillingate art is on display and available for purchase. I love the colours of the Grumpy Goat and Kelli-Anne Pye-Beshara prints. Ted Stuckless‘s works of Twillingate and area evoke nostalgia for days long gone.

There is jewelry and other great gifts or souvenirs from the place and most guests seem to opt for take out beverages and snacks as the counter is always busy but there’s usually always a place to sit too.

In the summer, you can sit on the bridge and watch the icebergs down the hill or the traffic heading to the lighthouse  and back the one route.

After a visit with the owner, Ted, and a great snack we heading back through the town and to Durrell. We noticed a large new building on the waterfront in Twillingate, near the canal. A new location for a dinner theater and it looks very close to being open. Tables and chairs are all in place and air conditioners are ready to install. Right next to the fish market and Waterside Cabin rental units, this venue has a great ocean view and I’m sure will also become a popular location for weddings and other occasions. There was no one around to show us inside but peeking through windows the high level of attention and workmanship was evident in both the cottages and the restaurant. I want to stay there!

Twillingate  and Durrell also had a number of houses under renovations and some lovely new builds finished since we visited last. It looks like things are going to boom this summer.I especially like the houses done in the traditional styles, like this one in Wild Cove.


Confirming that there were indeed no icebergs around, we started back for home.

We stopped in Purcell’s Harbour for a poke around the stages and boats. Lobster season will follow crab season and traps are ready to go. Little Harbour is also a great stop but we will save that for iceberg season too.


Boats are mostly ready and the harbour is completely free of ice in Purcell’s Harbour.


The old buildings and artifacts of years of fishing are fun to see. This is a frequent stop for us and sometimes we get icebergs here too.

One of these days, I’ll be accused of trespassing and like this stage, I’ll hardly have a leg to stand on.


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